Controversial Dundee homes plan rejected after housing firm bought land for £3m

The site of the former Kingpark School at Gillburn Road in Kirkton.

Objectors to controversial plans to build more than 60 homes on the site of a former Dundee school claimed a victory for “people power” as councillors rejected the proposal.

Persimmon Homes North Scotland hoped to develop the Kingspark School site at Gillburn Road in Kirkton, having snapped up part of the land in a £3.3 million behind-closed-doors deal with Dundee City Council.

It had submitted plans to the local authority to build 62 homes on the site.

It is now understood that the developer plans to appeal against the council’s decision.

Planning officers last night recommended to members of the council’s planning committee that the application should be approved.

However, after a lengthy debate, councillors overwhelmingly voted to refuse the application by 21 votes to three.

A total of 31 letters of objection to the proposals were submitted, including one with 371 signatures from Kirkton Community and Safety Partnership.

Many of the objections were on the grounds of possible flooding of the area, parking and traffic issues and the loss of community ground.

Several speakers who objected to the proposals addressed last night’s meeting.

Among them was Stephen Cragg, secretary of Kirkton Community and Safety Partnership.

In an impassioned plea, Mr Cragg said that the people of Kirkton “did not want this development”.

He said later: “The number of objections received made that clear.

“We are amazed and delighted that the committee has refused the application.

“This is a victory for the people and for people power.

“At long last councillors have listened to us.

“This decision has restored my faith in democracy.

“We were also surprised by the decision of councillors to allow us to tape-record the meeting.

“We were only told at the last minute but it means they have recognised that decisions like this need to be listened to in the open.”

Lynn Watson, of the Kirkton Partnership, said: “We are obviously really happy about the decision.”

Persimmon could not be contacted for comment.