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CONFIRMED: Dundee GP practice to close for good due to failure to recruit more doctors

Fintry Mill GP surgery, which will close its doors for good.

Patients have been left in shock after the closure of Fintry Mill Medical Centre was confirmed by practice bosses.

The GP facility, which serves about 3,300 patients, will close for good on October 5, with patients transferred to the sister practice on Arthurstone Terrace in Stobswell, more than a mile and a half away.

Fintry Mill GP surgery, which will close its doors for good.

It comes after a drive to recruit more GPs for the centre proved unsuccessful.

In June, Dundee Health and Social Care Partnership wrote to patients at Fintry Mill Medical Centre saying the practice would close for the summer period due to the doctor shortage.

A period of consultation followed and the practice reopened – but letters were sent to patients at the weekend to confirm its permanent closure.

Practice manager Gordon Bain wrote: “We are regretful that the decision to permanently close Fintry Mill Medical Centre had to be made, however we do believe that this is the only course of action which will safeguard the future of the practice as well as provide our patients with the level of care they deserve.

“Fintry Mill Medical Centre will close permanently on Friday October 5. From that date all GP services will be transferred to Arthurstone Medical Centre.”

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Ron Neave, chairman of Fintry Community Council, called the situation a “disaster”. He said: “The people I’ve spoken to were of the opinion it was a done-and-dusted deal even before the consultation. That was just a box-ticking exercise.

“For people with disabilities or mobility issues this could have all types of connotations. There’s huge congestion getting out of Fintry in the mornings.

“There’s a big difference to someone in a wheelchair getting round the corner, to having to get a bus or taxi to Arthurstone Terrace.

“And, as a double whammy, the local pharmacy is likely to suffer too – it’s lose-lose.”