‘Completely overwhelmed’: An incredible £100k raised for Dundee woman Tracey’s cancer treatment

A young woman with cancer should soon be flying to Germany for pioneering treatment – thanks to the incredible generosity of fundraising locals.

Tracey Burke

More than £101,000 has been raised in just over six weeks to send 30-year-old Tracey Burke for the treatment that could save her life.

The amazing six-figure sum was reached with help from the city’s Penguin Parade.

Tracey, from Ardler, was diagnosed with cervical cancer three years ago.

Her husband Greg set up a fundraising drive on May 13 in a bid to raise cash to send her to the continent for immunotherapy, at a cost of £90,000.

Greg told the Tele the couple were “completely overwhelmed” by the support they have received.

Speaking from Tracey’s bedside at Ninewells, where she has just been readmitted because of a blocked bowel, Greg said they couldn’t believe how much money had been raised.

He said: “It has been amazing. It’s hard to believe that so much money has been raised so quickly.

“Thanks to the money that has come flooding in, we are now in a position to go to Germany for the treatment.

“If Tracey is well enough, we hope to be able be travelling over within the next month.

“It does depend a lot on Tracey being fit enough but we are so excited that we can now actually plan our trip.”

Greg said that Tracey might need to go to Germany for the immunotherapy treatment more than once, so every penny will be needed.

He added: “Samples from Tracey have to be sent over first and then hopefully she will be able to travel and start the treatment.

“It’s looking like she will go initially for two weeks of treatment then come home for six weeks to see how she responds and if it is working.

“It’s possible she may have to go back again after that, so every penny that we can raise will be needed.”

Greg said that more fundraisers were planned and he was hopeful that more money would still come in.

Local businessman Chris O’Rourke recently sponsored one of Dundee’s Maggie’s penguins and dedicated it to Tracey.