Complaints against Dundee taxi drivers include allegations of assault, drugs and sexual misbehaviour

© DC ThomsonTaxis in Dundee. (library image)
Taxis in Dundee. (library image)

A Dundee taxi boss has called for greater scrutiny of those applying for their licence after a raft of complaints against drivers in the city.

Members of the public have lodged with the council at least 65 complaints about taxi drivers in the last two years, for a range of allegations including assault, drugs offences and behaviour of a sexual nature.

Some of those reported have been hauled in front of the local authority’s licensing committee and warned, suspended or had their licence taken off them.

Others have had no action taken against them, including three cases involving alleged sexual misconduct this year.

Graeme Stephen, chairman of Dundee Taxi Association, said: “It doesn’t surprise me that there have been 65 complaints.

“I think there are a lot of drivers who might be getting their badges too easily.

“Complaints of a sexual nature shouldn’t happen because drivers should be vetted before they get their badge.”

© DC Thomson
Graeme Stephen, chairman of Dundee Taxi Drivers’ Association.

Mr Stephen is also calling for compensation to be made available for those who are found to be innocent following suspension.

He added: “If a driver has been suspended for doing nothing, which is quite rare, and they’ve lost money, there should be a compensation system put in place.”

A council spokesman said: “The licensing committee may decide to hold a hearing based on information that has been brought to their attention by Police Scotland or licensing standards officers.

“Allegations are taken extremely seriously and the committee will act to protect public safety.

“Licences can be suspended temporarily in the meantime.

“A full hearing would only take place once any outstanding criminal legal matters had been dealt with by the courts.

“Any taxi driver who has their licence suspended has the right to appeal.”