Community group sets up venue at Dundee’s old Levi’s factory

The community build project

A new place for people to eat and drink together to break down social isolation has been created by a community group.

People across Menzieshill, Charleston and Lochee have been involved in the project to construct a creative space.

It is hoped the newly-built wooden structure will be a neutral meeting point where folk can gather to talk and eat and pass on recipe tips.

The aim is to help break down isolation and provide much-needed outdoor “social” and interactive spaces.

The new building has been constructed in the former Levi’s factory, in Kilspindie Road.

Volunteer Dundee has worked in partnership with creative groups to drive the initiative, piloting a new approach to engage volunteers in the project.

Machinists making jeans at the former Kilspindie Road factory.

Lee Ivett, creative director at Baxendale Design Practice, said: “We are really happy to have had the opportunity to create this design and work with folk in Lochee.

“Everyone we spoke to agreed being included even in a small way made such a difference to feeling accepted in the community and less stigmatised.”

The charity used creative engagement methods by hosting a series of design workshops.

That raised awareness around skills development and practical learning tasks and activities, all connected to the final structure.

Staff from the award-winning Baxendale Studios attempted to capture “the ethos of the Lochee ward” in the portable design.

It is hoped the structure will act as a catalyst for different groups to come together over some food, home-grown or locally-sourced and cooked together outdoors.

The design came together after several events where groups of people participated in a series of exploratory workshops, cooking and eating together to find the most practical and flexible solution.

The structure will be used for a small celebration around food to recognise the hard work and volunteer hours spent realising this creative solution.

Once completed, the community can share the resource and move it around different sites, including for use outdoors in good weather.

A stitch in time at Levi’s Dundee factory