Dundee community group claim they have been ‘abandonded’ by council over pavilion plans

Demolition work at the pavilion after a fire destroyed it.
Demolition work at the pavilion after a fire destroyed it.

Mill o’ Main residents claimed today they’ve been abandoned by the council in their fight to get a replacement community pavilion.

Pavilion committee chairwoman Yvonne Mullen said despite the building burning down more than 20 months ago, the council has still not “actively assisted” the organisation.

She said: “The pavilion was a well used community building that provided a focal point.

“We had insurance in place and so it was thought replacement would be quick, but we were told by the council the insurance was invalid as we did not have ownership of the building, even though we had been paying for the insurance under the council’s guidance for several years.”

Yvonne said that a replacement building would cost £350,000.

She said: “A proposal for a temporary building was submitted to the council and approved in a private meeting on June 16.

“Brian Gordon, who was the councillor for the area until his death in March, requested in writing the council now take it on and assist us to obtain the temporary building as soon as possible.

“No council member has come forward to actively assist us. It’s now 20 months since the fire and there is no temporary building and we are receiving no support.

“We wish to have our proposal for council support for a temporary building submitted for consideration but there is no clarity how this can be done.”

Mill o’ Mains Tenants and Residents’ Association spokesman Jim Malone said: “The people of Mill o’ Mains need a commitment from the council there will be a new facility.”

A Dundee City Council spokesman said: “The council has been engaging with the community since the fire.

“We’re now nearly at the stage where consultation on a range of options will be carried out with the wider community of Claverhouse and Mill o’ Mains.”