Comedian Limmy gears up for gigs and reveals who the ‘That Accent’ sketch is based on

Limmy, real name Brian Limond, at the Kings Theatre, Glasgow
Limmy, real name Brian Limond, at the Kings Theatre, Glasgow

Scottish comedian Limmy is gearing up for two performances in Tayside — despite admitting he doesn’t know exactly where one of the venues is.

Limmy — real name Brian Limond — spoke to the Tele about his upcoming Limmy’s Vines tour dates in Dundee and Arbroath in May.

The Glaswegian is best known for BBC Scotland’s Limmy’s Show, which ran for three series.

Limmy chats to Tele reporter Steven Rae

When that came to an end, Limmy turned to Vine, an online video service where users upload six-second clips — the perfect platform for his brand of self-shot comedy.

The live tour includes a screening of his most popular vines, including a notorious clip where a large spider crawls out of his mouth.

Discussing the tour, he said: “I come on and do a wee intro, but it’s mostly a screening of all the Vines I’ve done, so an hour’s worth of Vines, split into two halves, then I do a question-and-answer session at the end.

“People ask questions about the Vines, but also about Limmy’s Show, or other things I’ve done.

“The last tour I did was the book tour. In Dundee it was nice, because the night before there was one in Glasgow, and there was a bit of heckling because people were wrecked.

“So, then the Dundee one, it was a bit smaller. It was a nice venue, the Dundee Rep, and folk were laughing, getting involved.

“It was just better, a warmer kind of environment. I got to Dundee and I was immediately like, ‘This is great, I’m really enjoying it’.

Limmy is looking forward to his Tayside shows – even if hes not exactly sure where Arbroath is.

“This will be my first gig in Arbroath — and I don’t really know where it is. There are all these places in Scotland that I’ve heard of, but don’t know exactly where they are.

“I know Dundee is next to Fife, but in the past I’ve said to people from Dundee, ‘Aye, so this is Fife’ and they say, ‘No’.

“My geography isn’t the best. I do that Fifer accent in one of my well-known Vines, and that’s based on a guy I worked with from either Dundee or Fife.

“I know about the V&A Museum in Dundee, people were speaking about it the last time I was there.

“I wondered if it was something people were looking forward to, or if it’s something people hate. But from what I’ve seen, it looks awesome.

“I hope people come to the Dundee and Arbroath shows — and I do know where Arbroath is. I just forget.”

Limmy is set to return to TV screens in April, with a one-off sketch show special on BBC2.

Limmy’s Homemade Show, which has been “self shot” in and around Glasgow, will be broadcast on Thursday April 5.

He said: “I talked to the BBC about doing a sketch show. I had these ideas for sitcoms, but they got knocked back. Apparently, my stuff is more suited to the sketch show format.

“I like sketches because you can just have a wee idea. I like writing short stories, as opposed to a novel. I like having this one wee idea, then you have a burst of it.

Cult comedian Limmy will play two shows in the area.

“The show is kind of like some of the shows I did with my Limmy Live shows, and in between, I had these two-minute videos I would show, so it’s stuff like that, but on the telly. It’s just me, no casting, no crew, my own camera and lighting and microphone.

“There are three people in the show and they’re all me, I’m dressed up with wigs and make-up and stuff, similar to the Vines and YouTube videos. So that, but good enough to make it on the telly.”

Limmy’s gig at Dundee Rep on May 8 is sold out, but there are still tickets for the event at Arbroath’s Webster Memorial Theatre on May 9.