World’s first colourless coffee ‘will make teeth stains a thing of the past’

A clear, colourless coffee is now available, bringing hope to those who love the caffeine-laden drink but hate its impact on their teeth.

According to its makers, each bottle of CLR CFF is made with 27g of Arabica coffee and water. It does not contain preservatives, artificial flavours, stabilisers, sugar or any other sweeteners, and is only four calories.

Pretty impressive for the health conscious among us.

The founding brothers of the company, David and Adam Nagy, hail from Slovakia, but their novel drink is available for delivery in the UK, as well as from Whole Foods and Selfridges.

Information on the company’s website reveals a price of £5.99 for two bottles, so it’s not the cheapest and you won’t be getting it that soon either.

Due to “a huge amount of orders”, the website says delivery could take three to four weeks.

Colourless coffee