City square protest planned amid fears of Dundee council job cuts

Unions protesting at council cuts in City Square last year.

Dundee trade unionists are set to demonstrate outside the City Chambers next month amid fears about job cuts.

Stewart Fairweather, Dundee branch chairman of Unite, said a demonstration by combined union members would be held in City Square on January 8.

The action comes ahead of a meeting of Dundee City Council’s policy and resources committee, at which councillors will be discussing the budget for the coming year.

Mr Fairweather said it was hoped the demonstration would be followed by a union deputation speaking at the meeting. He added: “Our action in January will mark the start of a campaign to get the council to take on board our concerns.

“There are three main issues concerning us — firstly the fact that £20 million looks set to be cut from the city council’s budget and the undoubted effect that is bound to have on frontline services in Dundee.

“We are also worried about the possible transfer of 300 city council employees to Tayside Contracts and the concern that is causing workers.

“There are also fears about redundancies, given that the city council won’t give us a reassurance that it will not be looking for compulsory redundancies.

“Many council employees have spent Christmas worrying about what lies ahead for them in 2018 and the unions in the city are prepared to take action. We will be fighting for council employees and council services all the way.”

Councillor John Alexander, council leader and convener of the committee, said previously: “We are working hard to produce a balanced budget but there are a number of risks and uncertainties around this process.

“These include the impact of Brexit, the performance of the Scottish economy and the policies of both the UK and Scottish governments.

“Our ambition for Dundee remains undiminished and we are committed to making the city a better place for everyone.”