Ciaran, 10, inspired by school talk to host his own Dundee environmental awareness day

A school talk about marine conservation has inspired a 10-year-old boy to host his own environmental awareness day.

Ciaran Tollan

Ciaran Tollan had the idea to organise a Big Blue Day after the Marine Conservation Society gave a talk at Birkhill Primary School.

With the help of his mum Siobhan, the day has been organised to feature a series of ocean-themed activities, including a treasure hunt, face painting and a cafe.

Maggie Chapman

Scottish Green Party co-convenor Maggie Chapman has also agreed to give a talk at the event, taking place at the Millennium Hall on Coupar Angus Road.

Siobhan, 48, said: “They had Marine Conservation Society representatives at the school doing a talk, so Ciaran decided to put on an event in the village to highlight the plight of marine animals.

“He’s always been interested in environmental issues. Ciaran came up with the idea of a treasure hunt. We want to end the treasure hunt on a positive note by giving the winner a toy sea otter.”

The event will be quest to find pictures of a number of endangered animals scattered across the hall and filling out a word search.

The sea otter prize is symbolic, as the creature came back from the brink of extinction after being hunted by fur traders in the 1800s.

Siobhan and Ciaran will be putting posters up around Birkhill and are hoping at least 100 people to come to the event.

Donations will also be accepted on the day for the Marine Conservation Society.

Ciaran’s Big Blue Day will take place on Saturday December 8 from 1pm to 4pm.

Ciaran said: “Turtles are my favourite animal – they had a life-sized leatherback turtle balloon at the school assembly.

“I want the event to raise as much money as possible for the Marine Conservation Society because I don’t like seeing animals getting hurt.”

For more details, visit Birkhill Big Blue Day on Facebook.