Chrissie Hynde backed after calling for ‘monstrosity’ block next to Dundee V&A to be ‘torn down’

Pretenders singer Chrisse Hynde has been backed after calling for a controversial office block next to V&A Dundee to be ‘torn down’.

Chrissie Hynde of The Pretenders

The star said the under-construction site “distracted” her from her performance at Slessor Gardens on Sunday.

Hynde told BBC Scotland: “In the daylight I noticed this quite beautiful building in the background, which I didn’t realise is the V&A building, and this horrible carcass going up in front of it.

“It was actually distracting me from what I was trying to do.

“I was walking down Union Street there and I saw the V&A again, a really beautiful vista of it and this monstrosity that’s totally obliterating the view of that beautiful building.

“I would have it torn down. There should be some sort of uprising against it.”

The office block opposite V&A Dundee

The singer’s comments were backed on social media.

Vanessa Martin told BBC Scotland News’ Facebook page: “Plans can, do and ought to be changed when changes in circumstances suggest it is appropriate.

“Because this building was in the original plans does not necessarily mean it should remain there.

“Personally, I think the office block is hideous and it makes me sad every time I look at it. I’m with Chrissie on this.”

On the same page, Scott Wilson agreed. “True,” he wrote. “It ruins the whole front entrance of the V&A.”

Judith Moyes tweeted: “She’s spot on. So many great improvements to the city spoiled by one large monstrosity.”

Some took a more light-hearted view of the office block. Gammon Goalposts‏ tweeted: “I like it, means there’s less Fife in my eyeline.”

Dundee City Council leader John Alexander said it made “little economic sense for the people of Dundee” to leave the site empty.

The Tele reported in December that more than 1,000 people have signed an online petition opposing the office block.

Mike Galloway, Dundee City Council’s executive director of city development, said the offices will help create much-needed jobs.

He said: “What we are proposing to do is address the market failure in the centre of Dundee where we have no suitable office space available.”