Child rapist released from jail after 18 months twice sets fire to local secure unit

Rossie Young Person's Trust (stock image)
Rossie Young Person's Trust (stock image)

A rioting rapist was today sent back to jail – after he admitted twice starting fires and trashing a secure unit, causing £34,000 worth of damage.

Andrew Brolly – who has now been unmasked as the perpetrator of a horror sex attack after he turned 18 behind bars – was today imprisoned for 19 months.

He was jailed for three years in 2015 for raping a drunk 13-year-old girl in woods in Pollok, Glasgow, when he was aged just 14.

The mother of Brolly’s victim said at the time she was “disgusted” by the sentence as he would serve only a fraction of it being released.

But having been released on licence in September 2016, having served just half of his sentence, Brolly was hauled back to custody after being accused of another sexual offence that has not been prosecuted.

He was taken to Rossie Young Person’s Trust in Montrose, Angus, in March last year to serve out the remainder of his custodial sentence having been free for just six months.

But raging Brolly flipped – trashing the unit and twice setting fires that led to mass evacuations and substantial damage over the course of just over a week because he was demanding to be transferred to Polmont YOI.

Fiscal depute Eilidh Robertson told Dundee Sheriff Court that the two blazes had caused “extensive damage” with a total value of £34,195.98.

She said on the night of the first fire Brolly had told a manager at the unit: “I am going to set fire to this place so you better get me paper.”

Miss Robertson added: “The manager refused so he went in to his en suite and set fire to a piece of cardboard in there before moving bedding in to the en suite and allowing it to catch fire too.

“Smoke was filling his bedroom so they let him out and called the fire brigade.

“The other residents in the building needed to be evacuated to allow it to be ventilated.

“Two days later he was in a lounge area when he began to rip a sofa before he removed a metal bar from inside it and started repeatedly hitting a television.

“He was asked to hand over the metal bar but he then jumped on top of the TV and tried to smash the ceiling lights before jumping off and swinging the bar towards Mr Clark.

“The lounge was evacuated and police called.

“He moved furniture to effectively barricade himself in and struck a TV, DVD player and Freeview box damaging them beyond repair and threw paint over the walls, ceiling, furnishings and windows.”

A week later Brolly started another – even bigger – blaze.

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Miss Robertson added: “Residents were able to be evacuated very quickly.

“The smoke within the unit became very thick, with a member of staff telling police ‘I had to go back and get the other kids out of their rooms due to the amount of smoke – there was so much smoke I could hardly see’.

“There was faeces on the lit mattress which contaminated firefighters’ clothing and breathing apparatus.

“The total cost of all damage across the three incidents was £34,195.98.”

Brolly, 18, a prisoner at HMP YOI Polmont, pleaded guilty on indictment to setting a fire at Rossie on May 28 last year, assaulting staff member Graham Clark on May 29, vandalising the unit on both of those dates, and setting another fire on June 6.

He also admitted a charge of making threatening phone calls to a 17-year-old girl from Polmont YOI while being held there.

Defence solicitor Christopher Boyle said: “He is not a model citizen.

“He’s still only 18 – a fairly young man – and I’d ask that be taken into account.”

Sheriff Alastair Brown sentenced Brolly to a total of 19 months detention.

He said: “You are behaving like a three year old and you need to grow up.

“If you have any spark of decency in you you will recognise that.

“If you don’t you will spend your life in and out of institutions which is in nobody’s interests.”

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