Charity to distribute heroin overdose reversal kits in Dundee

One of the Naloxone overdose kits.

Substance abuse support charity Addaction is taking further steps to help those at risk of overdosing by dispensing a lifesaving drug that can reverse the effects of an overdose.

The charity, based at the Signpost Centre in Whitfield, has confirmed it will soon be able to give out Naloxone kits, which contain two needles and a single dose of the drug.

The kits are designed to be used at a moment’s notice in the event of an opioid overdose – which applies to drugs such as heroin.

A date from which Addaction can dispense the kits is yet to be announced, but the charity said this will be “as soon as possible”.

A spokesman for Addaction Dundee said: “Gabapentin or pre-Gabapentin with Valium (street diazepam or any other benzodiazepine), along with opiates heroin and or methadone, is responsible for a significant amount of drug deaths in Dundee and all over Scotland.

“Please seek support, be careful and carry Naloxone.”

The announcement comes as the city continues to struggle with the public health issue of drug deaths.

Fifteen people are believed to have died in circumstances related to drugs since the start of 2018, with fears that drug users are being peddled fake Xanax tablets laced with deadly chemicals — and last year more people died in drug-related deaths per head in the city than anywhere else in Scotland.

Earlier this week, Sharon Brand, co-founder of support group Recovery Dundee, said those recovering from drug use were being targeted by dealers online.

She warned that dealers were making approaches to her through social media at least once a month to sell prescription tablets.

She added: “Users are seen as a commodity when they are using drugs, both to other users and dealers.”