Cops can’t investigate railway trespassing due to ScotRail’s CCTV going down

Claire Baker
Claire Baker

Transport police are unable to investigate a trespassing incident on railway lines at Kirkcaldy because ScotRail’s CCTV system was rebooting at the time it happened.

A man crossed the tracks twice at around 5.30pm on Tuesday October 16.

There were a number of people waiting at the station at the time, including children. Despite it happening just outside the station’s waiting areas, there is no footage of the incident.

Mid Scotland and Fife MSP Claire Baker said the fact a trespassing incident at the station could go unrecorded raised questions.

“Considering the current catchphrase at stations across the country is ‘see it, say it, sorted’, many passengers would be shocked to learn that ScotRail was unable to see anything at the time of a major incident,” said the Labour MSP.

ScotRail said CCTV coverage is in place at the station but the system went down for about a quarter of an hour about the time of the incident while computers were rebooting. The CCTV blackout means it is virtually impossible to identify the man, who jumped down from platform two and crossed the tracks.

He then entered the station building and used the toilet facilities, before crossing the tracks for a second time and leaving by the exit at platform two.