CCTV staff get live viewing of Dundee man’s botched attempt to steal safe from Greggs

A bungling would-be thief was busted breaking into a bakery in a bid to steal from a safe.

Barry Nelson, 38, of Salvation Army, Dundee, admitted carrying out the attempted raid when he appeared at the city’s sheriff court.

The court heard Nelson activated an alarm when he gained access to the bakery on High Street in the city centre and was watched at a remote CCTV monitoring station for the entirety of the incident.

Fiscal depute Marie Irvine told the court the premises had been secured, and the alarm system activated, by a staff member at 7.45pm on Monday.

Then, at 11.02pm, a member of staff at the monitoring station was alerted to an alarm activation at the premises.

She said: “He then attempted to establish that it wasn’t a member of staff, concluded it wasn’t, and he notified police.

“He saw the accused entering the locus and making his way around the office to where the safe is kept, using a light to illuminate the area — a torch or a mobile phone.

“Then he saw the accused pulling at the safe and also attempting to gain access to it.

“He then left the locus.

“CCTV operators were already aware of what was happening and they observed the accused leaving the scene through an alleyway leading from the vicinity.”

Nelson was apprehended by police officers a short time later.

An agent acting on behalf of Nelson told the court he had a history of drug addiction issues but he had been successfully combatting them recently.

He asked for his client to be granted bail.

He said: “He tells me that he is currently on methadone and has managed to have his dosage reduced by 60ml.

“He also tells me that he has managed to secure a place of residence at the Salvation Army.

“He had been completely homeless for some time previous to that.”

Nelson admitted a charge of breaking into the rear fire exit door of a building and gaining access to Greggs bakery, with the intent to steal.

The court heard that Nelson had four similar offences on his record.

Sheriff John Rafferty adjourned the proceeding until November 21, called for reports and remanded Nelson in custody meantime.