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Castle in local area with ’11 different ghosts’ to appear on spooky TV show

A Fife castle once said to be home to 11 different ghosts is to appear in a new reality TV show.

Balgonie Castle near Glenrothes will feature on the Really channel’s Friday evening programme “Help! My House Is Haunted” some time in the next three weeks.

It will be the latest of a number of television appearances for the 14th Century pile, best known for the ghost of Green Jeannie.

Balgonie Castle near Glenrothes.

The apparition of a woman, whose face is covered by a hood, has reportedly been seen by the family of Laird Raymond Morris as well as members of the public.

Another spirit said to wander the rooms is an old, grey, goatee-bearded man dressed in 17th Century costume.

There is also a grey man who appears to be opening non-existent doors in the courtyard and a man’s head that floats around the first floor hall.