Cars fall off vehicle transporter after crashing into bridge

The aftermath of the crash

Motorists narrowly avoided disaster after cars fell from a vehicle transporter after it struck a rail bridge.

The incident happened when the lorry hit the low bridge in Montrose on the A937, just outside Hillside.

Traffic was held up as police and recovery services cleared the carriageway.

Nichola Slesser, from Montrose, was at the scene of the accident seconds after it happened.

She said: “I picked my daughter up from the Hillside Hall and when I came out the junction to turn right the car was lying on the road and the lorry was just at the other side of the bridge.

“It had literally just happened. All the ropes and things that secured the cars on the top were all hanging to the side of the lorry.

“When he moved the lorry up a bit to let traffic through you could see the other two cars that were still on the top of the lorry were totally wrecked.”

A spokeswoman for Police Scotland said: “Officers attended a road traffic incident on A937 after a car transporter hit a bridge at 5.10pm on Thursday April 20.  No one was injured and the driver was issued with a Conditional Offer of a Fixed Penalty Notice.”