Carol’s Templeton Woods killer should ‘live in ‘fear’ of being caught

Police search Templeton Woods, Dundee, after the murder of Carol Lannen.
Police search Templeton Woods, Dundee, after the murder of Carol Lannen.

Carol Lannen’s killer has been warned to keep “looking over his shoulder” as top brass promise to never give up the hunt to find them.

It’s 40 years since Carol met her death at the hands of her cold hearted killer who left the teenage mum’s body in the snow at Templeton Woods.

Several times over the last four decades police have reopened the “cold case” and they told the Tele the inquiry remains open.

Meantime the Scottish Government has also pledged that the case remains open while North East MSP and Scottish Conservative shadow justice secretary Liam Kerr said the killer should “live in fear” of one day being caught.

Mr Kerr said: “At least one killer has been looking over their shoulder every day for the past 40 years for these horrible crimes.

“They are quite correct to live in fear.

“Advances in police forensic detection are becoming more rapid and universities are continually finding new ways to catch criminals.

“DNA testing is a world apart from its advent 30 years ago.

“Unfortunately, detectives couldn’t rely on technology when first investigating the cruel fates of Carol Lannen in 1979 and Elizabeth McCabe the following year.

“I know that has haunted some former CID officers, who couldn’t have known about what was around the corner.

“But new evidence is out there, waiting to be unearthed and analysed.”

A Sottish Government spokesman for the justice department said: “When a case like this remains unsolved it can increase the pain suffered by the family and friends of the victims.

“Police Scotland have confirmed that any new information would be acted on and we would encourage anyone with information about the case to come forward.”

The case was last reviewed in 2014 when police followed several new leads but this failed to lead to the arrest of Carol’s killer.

A spokesman for Police Scotland said: “All unresolved murders are continually reviewed for opportunities presented by new information or advances in forensic science which will be acted on.

“Police Scotland never considers cases closed and the passage of time is no barrier to the investigation of unresolved homicide cases.”