Call for ‘eyesore’ Dundee shop units to be used or demolished

Residents want to see a derelict former shopping centre either brought back into use – or demolished.

The Macalpine Shopping Centre in Ardler has for years stood empty on the corner of Macalpine Road and Camperdown Road.

The small shopping parade has been the subject of negotiations between councillors and landlords Purewal Properties, but so far without success.

Some of the shops have lain empty for many years

Residents at a local community planning meeting recently discussed the future of the disused building, which greets motorists to the area coming off the Kingsway.

Karen Smith, 44, owner of Smith’s Hair and Beauty, said: “We were told five years ago that something would be done about the shops and nothing has happened since.”

Councillor Kevin Keenan said the Glasgow-based landlords should either refurbish the empty units for new business or demolish them to make way for something new.

Mr Keenan said: “Some of the shops have had extensive refurbishment but there is a section left untreated. I would like to see the shops in the same condition as the rest of the shops or be knocked down for alternative use.

Macalpine Shopping Centre has become an eyesore.

“I think people would like to see this because the area is a bit of an eyesore at the moment.

“If they are paying money with no return then that is perhaps a reason to demolish them.”

“I don’t know why they have been left unoccupied for so long.”

Mr Keenan said the council was still “open to discussion” with Purewal Properties and suggested “small grants” to restore the property could be a possibility “if the owners are willing to see if something is available to them”.

Ardler resident and community campaigner John Bissett said the empty shops had started attracting antisocial behaviour but opposed their demolition.

He said: “It is often an area of drunken activity, but I’m totally against any demolishing because these shops could change and regenerate the area.

“People rely on Macalpine Road for shopping because it’s near to housing. What we have is not good enough.

“My idea is to have a future expansion of the shops with more local businesses and somewhere social where pensioners can go. Let’s make it really good because when the shops improve, Dundee improves.”

Purewal Properties couldn’t be reached for comment before the Tele went to press.