Call for barriers at entrance to Brechin park after 10 tonnes of waste left by Travellers

Travellers at the public park in Brechin, next to Wards Road.
Travellers at the public park in Brechin, next to Wards Road.

Barriers should be installed at the entrance to a Brechin park to prevent unauthorised access, a local community leader has said.

Town residents spoke of their disgust after piles of industrial debris, human waste and black bags stuffed with rubbish were left in the public park when Travellers moved on from the site.

A car was also abandoned at the park.

Walkers, parents and footballers complained as the rubbish was left to fester for a week in the lead-up to the school holidays, including during summer temperatures approaching 22C.

Angus Council said it had removed 10 tonnes of waste from the land.

Community council leader Jill Scott said a burnt-out caravan was left at the park a few years ago and barriers had been mooted to prevent the situation from reoccurring.

“I believe there was common good funding set aside to pay for it,” she said.

“We need to see something done this time.”

A council spokesman said: “Staff from our parks and waste services attended at Brechin public park and removed almost 10 tonnes of rubble and general waste.

“An abandoned vehicle has also been taken away and the site is now clear.

“To date, the allocation of common good funding to install vehicle barriers at the park has not been confirmed.”