Bystanders rush to help after elderly man collapses in Dundee

Bystanders rushed to help after an elderly man collapsed on a Dundee street.

The incident happened just after 11.30am today in Meadowside.

One of the first on the scene was Barry McRuvie, 30, from Ardler who has just qualified as a first-aider.

Barry McRuvie, 30, from Ardler

Barry, who works in the Overgate, said he was walking along the street when the saw the man lying on the pavement.

Barry said: “It looked like he had maybe had a seizure.

“There were other people with him but as I have just qualified as a first-aider I thought I would see if I could help. “

Barry said that he put the man, who was unconscious, into the recovery position.

“To begin with he wasn’t speaking but as we stayed with him he began to come round and was talking to us,” Barry added.

“It was really upsetting but I was glad to be able to help.

“I just hope he is alright.”

Barry said that a police car had been passing at the time and the police officers also stopped to help.

It is understood they contacted the police who arrived shortly afterwards.

Alan, who is also a qualified first-aider, said he was alerted to what was happening just outside DC Thomson’s windows by people inside the building.

He said: “I went out to help and was able to stay with him until the ambulance arrived.”

Alan said that a first-aid kit from DC Thomson was taken outside and Alan was able to cover the man with a foil blanket to help keep him warm while they waited for the ambulance.

A police spokesman told the Tele that the elderly man had regained consciousness by the time he was taken away by an ambulance.