Brave Dundee boy Garvie leads charity walk across Tay Road Bridge as he fights leukaemia

Brave Garvie led a charity walk across the Tay Road Bridge

Just over a week after receiving intensive chemotherapy treatment for leukaemia, brave Dundee schoolboy Garvie Hunter has taken part in a fundraising sponsored walk.

Garvie, 7, from Downfield, joined about 50 other people, including charity boss Charlie Kean, who turned out to walk across the Tay Road Bridge.

They were doing the walk to help raise money to support Garvie’s family while he undergoes treatment for his illness.

Accompanied by mum Haley and other family members, Garvie was pushed across the bridge in a wheelchair.

Folk who took part in the walk over the bridge

Haley explained that after his diagnosis at Ninewells Hospital, Garvie was transferred to hospital in Glasgow where he received chemotherapy treatment.

She said he stayed there for just over a week before being told on November 10 that he was to be allowed home to Dundee.

Haley continued: “Garvie was determined to take part in the sponsored walk and it was agreed that, all being well, he could come along.

“He managed it on Sunday and we are all so proud of him for doing it.”

Katie Akram, who organised the walk, said it had been a huge success with about 50 people taking part.

Katie, 32, added: “The money is just coming in now and we are waiting to see how much has been raised.

“I just wanted to do something to help Garvie and his family and we were able to organise the walk really quickly.”

The Downfield Primary pupil first began to feel a bit unwell during the weekend of October 21 and 22 and seemed to be sleeping a lot.

Thumbs up from Charlie Kean and Garvie

The youngster was forced to miss a day at school because he felt “a bit off colour”.

However, when his mum took him to Ninewells Hospital two days later leukaemia was diagnosed.

Garvie was then moved to hospital in Glasgow.

Haley added: “He is now back home and attending Ninewells as an outpatient while his chemotherapy is continuing.

“He has been through a tough time but he’s really brave and so far doing well.”