‘Boy racers keeping residents awake’

Locals claim they are enduring sleepless nights because of boy racers.

People living in three of the Glenrothes’s largest suburbs have joined forces to call on Fife Council to cut the speed limit on a stretch of the B921 dual carriageway.

More than 130 people from Finglassie, Stenton and Pitteuchar — all of which border the route — have signed a petition calling for the 70mph limit to be cut to 50mph between the Bankhead and Southfield roundabouts.

They claim loud exhausts are keeping people awake at night, with Peter Ehmann, a resident of the Finglassie area, saying: “The speed limit is 70mph and as a result the traffic noise impacts negatively on the quality of life of the many residents whose homes are adjacent to the B921.

“Another nuisance on this already busy and noisy stretch of road are people in cars and motorcycles with revved-up and very loud engines who think nothing of using this stretch of road as a makeshift speed track. We feel it is only a matter of time before someone is seriously injured as a result of the present speed limit or a fatality occurs.”

However, local authority officers have advised councillors to throw out the petition, claiming there are no suitable grounds for cutting the limit.

Ken Gourlay, the council’s head of transportation, said in a report prepared for local members that only three injury-causing crashes have occurred on the route since 2012, with analysis suggesting speed was not a factor in any of them.

Regarding noise, he continued: “No planning conditions were imposed on the adjacent housing developments to combat traffic noise from the B921. Over the next few years it is anticipated the increasing number of electrically powered vehicles will reduce the impact of engine noise.”