Boxing promoter ‘knew nothing’ of tragic Dundee fighter’s health issues

Mike Towell
Mike Towell

Former boxing manager Tommy Gilmour told a fatal accident inquiry into the death of Mike Towell he knew nothing of him suffering headaches or seizures before he died.

The retired promoter, 66, said he asked boxers if they had any medical conditions when he took them on.

Mr Gilmour claimed he had “no recollection” of a conversation with Mike before the title eliminator fight when he is alleged to have asked: “How’s the head, son?”

He gave evidence at the probe into the 25-year-old fighter’s death at Glasgow Sheriff Court yesterday.

Mike, from Dundee, died of a bleed on the brain the day after he lost a bout to Welsh fighter Dale Evans in the fifth round on September 29 2016.

“Iron” Mike, a welterweight fighter, collapsed after his loss in the British title eliminator in Glasgow.

He died 24 hours later.

Mr Gilmour said Mike signed contracts with him in 2012 and in 2015.

Procurator depute fiscal Eileen Beadsworth asked: “Were you aware between 2012 and 2015 of Mr Towell ever having any health issues?”

He replied: “As far as I was concerned he had no health issues, he passed all medicals with the British Board of Boxing Control (BBBC).”

Mr Gilmour was asked: “Did you discuss headaches with Mr Towell at all over that period?” and he replied: “No.”

It was put to him that Mike’s partner Chloe Ross overheard a telephone conversation that was on loudspeaker, when Mr Gilmour asked him about his headaches.

He said: “I have no recollection of that.”

Emma Toner, counsel for Mike’s mum Tracey, asked about the conversation Miss Ross described overhearing.

She said: “You don’t recall saying ‘how’s the head, son?’ Does that sound like something you might have said?”

Mr Gilmour replied: “If I had had previous knowledge I would have said something like that.”

The inquiry continues.