Boozed-up motorist smashed into Dundee church railings

Dundee Sheriff Court

A drink-driver crashed into the railings of a Dundee church at speed — narrowly missing a row of parked cars.

Police arrived 40 minutes after Pitor Gajus had been seen driving dangerously in the Hilltown, by which time he had consumed half a bottle of vodka on top of drink he’d had earlier that day.

Officers breathalysed Gajus at his home in Hilltown Court and he was nearly four times over the legal drink-drive limit.

Fiscal depute Sue Ruta told Dundee Sheriff Court that the 26-year-old’s antics were spotted by residents at 8.45pm on May 29 last year.

The fiscal said: “Persons within their home heard loud screeching and engine revving coming from Ann Street.

“They looked out of the window and saw the accused car carrying out manoeuvers. He was seen to travel back and forward along the street creating a considerable amount of smoke. Other witnesses saw him drive at excessive speed then brake sharply. One contacted police as she was fearful for persons who may be on the street.”

Another onlooker saw Gajus stopped directly outside a nearby church — which wasn’t named in court — in front of the building’s railings which were significantly damaged, then reverse off down Whistlers Way.

The bystander followed the car and Gajus stopped and emerged, saying: “Sorry, my fault. I want to pay, no police involved.”

Solicitor Amy Fox, defending, said: “He was having a party and went out to move his car then went back to his home and continued drinking, consuming around half a bottle of vodka — four shots in glasses.

“He said he was stressed and anxious about police coming. He does accept he had also been drinking prior to the incident.”

Gajus admitted driving dangerously by repeatedly causing the wheels of his vehicle to spin, causing smoke to come from the tyres, reversing at speed, mounting a pavement close to a row of parked vehicles, braking suddenly without cause and travelling at speed mounting a pavement and colliding with railings, damaging them, at Ann Street and Powrie Place.

And he admitted driving with an alcohol reading of 82mics.

Sheriff Alastair Brown told Gujus he was a “danger to the public”. He was fined £1,350, banned from driving for three years and ordered to resit his test.