Bogus workmen in Dundee labelled as ‘lower than vermin’

Strangers at the door? Think twice before letting them in
Strangers at the door? Think twice before letting them in

A veteran Dundee councillor has branded bogus callers who broke into the homes of vulnerable pensioners “lower than vermin”.

Two elderly women were robbed in the Kerrsview Terrace area of Dundee last week when thieves posing as workmen gained access to their homes — the latest in a spate of suspected bogus caller incidents throughout the city.

Independent councillor Ian Borthwick, who worked with charity Age Concern for three decades, believes the fear of suffering such a crime can push elderly homeowners over the edge.

The Strathmartine councillor said: “I’ve described these people in the past as lower than vermin. It’s difficult to comprehend how anyone could do this.

“Anybody who would prey on older vulnerable people is absolutely disgusting and disgraceful.

“What often happens is that an older person loses confidence in themselves and quite often they go into care.

“What is vitally important is that neighbours, relatives and friends keep a watch because experiencing this often has quite a devastating effect.

“It’s important that older people feel safe and secure — and the community can play a vital role in ensuring this.”

Mr Borthwick encountered several victims of doorstep crime while working for Age Concern.

He said: “I worked with Age Concern as a development officer and advocacy officer. I have experienced a number of these cases and they are disturbing.

“I am confident police will do their very utmost to identify the culprits and will deal with them effectively.

“These are dangerous and bad people who can do incredible harm. If in doubt, keep them out.”