Bogus Dundee workman cons woman for a second time – this time stealing her kitchen cupboards

Michele Cumming in the kitchen of her home, which she says was left unfinished by a workman despite her paying hundreds to have it redecorated.

A Dundee woman claims a bogus workman who left her kitchen in disarray returned, apologised and offered to start work — only to strip her kitchen cupboards of their doors and not return.

The Tele previously highlighted the plight of Michele Cumming, 46, of Fintry.

She employed a man to carry out a refurbishment on her kitchen, but the work was left unfinished after she had forked out hundreds of pounds.

Now, Michele claims the tradesman contacted her again — saying he didn’t complete the work because his mum had died.

She said she agreed to allow the worker to start the project again — but she said he stripped her cupboard doors, took them away and never returned.

Michele said: “Two days after the story was published, he got in touch with me — he told me that his mum had died and he had been in a bad place — I felt sorry for him so I agreed to let him come back and do the job.

“He even said he would do my floor for free as a gesture of goodwill.

“He came up and took my cupboard doors off and went away — he hasn’t come back.”

Michele said that the incident has had a “massive” impact on her health.

She said: “I can’t eat, I can’t sleep and I cry every day thinking about it. It is a complete nightmare — I don’t know how someone can do that to someone else.

“How could he get in contact with me, say that his mum had died, make me feel sorry for him and come back and do this?”

Michele previously told of finding the workman on social media and hiring him for the job.

She said he asked for £350 up front, which she transferred into his account, and she handed him a further £100 in cash — but her kitchen was left as a “disaster”.