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Blind woman scared of walking in local area due to folk on smartphones barging into her

A blind woman says she is fearful of walking around town after being repeatedly barged by people looking at their phones instead of where they are going.

Catherine Rowe is frightened to walk the streets

Catherine Rowe said such phone users are a danger to herself and others, including people in wheelchairs and children in pushchairs.

After being almost knocked to the ground by a man who was concentrating on his phone, the St Andrews pensioner urged people to put them away while walking in busy, public places.

Mrs Rowe, 77, said: “I had an altercation with someone and nearly fell to the ground. People are not thinking about anything but themselves and their phones.”

Mrs Rowe, who has a guide dog and white stick, has only 1% to 2% vision. She said she has collisions or near misses with other pedestrians almost half the times she ventures out.

Mrs Rowe said: “I want to get out and about, as I had a big back operation and it is important that I keep moving. But sometimes I think I can’t go out because I’m not confident enough because of all these people around.”

Carl Hodson, chief executive officer of Fife Society for the Blind, said: “No one intentionally bumps into others but it is easy to forget that in our community there are many people with sight loss.”