Blether: ‘Unknown’ Dundee United man named

The picture in question. Raymond Pollock is third from right. Derek Johnstone is No. 6.

When publishing photos in this column, I’m usually not too bothered if the odd name goes in classed as ‘Unknown’.

That’s because it usually provokes reader participation — and this is, indeed, what happened on this occasion.

However, a former Dundee United player was one and, initially, was a bit miffed that he was the only player not identified in an issue.

He said: “With regard to the picture in Blether with Brown in the paper (December 23), which was the one with Derek Johnstone after signing for Dundee United, the player in the picture who is down as ‘Unknown’ is myself, Raymond Pollock.”

I got in touch with Raymond and he was fine about it, really.

He gave me a bit of information about himself, offering: “I was a young reserve player back in 1983 and I think the only one in that picture, the rest all being first-team players.

“After my two years at United, I enjoyed successful years in junior football with Kinnoull, Harp and Lochee United, before finishing up my playing career with my local amateur team Inchture Athletic.

“I currently work for Dundee City Council, but also in a part-time role as a Football Analyst with Opta.

“John Reilly is a good friend of mine and a fellow senior football reporter.”

John Reilly is mentioned because I told Raymond he had identified him, along with Tannadice fans Ged Robertson, Graeme McKenzie and Pat Howie.