Biker sped through busy family fun day at Dundee park

Dudhope Park

Two men drove a motorcycle through a family fun day, scattering parents and kids as they sped through a skate park with hundreds of people around.

An estimated crowd of between 300 to 400 watched as 24-year-old Samuel Hart and his pillion passenger weaved between the crowds, shouting to them to get out of the way, before they drove right through the centre of the skate park within Dudhope Park.

The dangerous episode only ended when Hart lost control of the bike. Both he and his passenger were spilled from the machine as it fell to the ground.

Hart then calmly went off to a DJ tent before going for a drink.

Hart, of Dalfield Court, admitted on August 26 driving a motorcycle dangerously, causing people to take evasive action to avoid being struck by the bike, failing to keep it under proper control and causing it to fall to the ground.

He also admitted driving without insurance on the same date and same location.

Fiscal depute Isma Mukhtar said: “The accused was seen to ride the bike on the footpath within the park with a pillion passenger on the back. It was being driven from the north side of the park at speed and it appeared to the onlookers that the accused was attempting to gain entry to the actual skate park.”

Ms Mukhtar said as the bike tried to slow down, the accused and passenger were shouting at people — including kids skating — to get out of the way.

She added: “The motorcycle continued to be driven on to the skatepark and down the middle where people using it had to take evasive action to avoid being struck. The bike continued to go around the skate park for a few more seconds before the accused lost control and both fell to the ground.”

She said onlookers came to check on them and the bike was moved out of the way. The accused went over to the DJ gazebo then went to get a drink and police were contacted.

Hart was not traced by police but the passenger was and provided information that Hart was the driver of the bike.

Sheriff Linda Smith fined Hart £500, disqualified him from driving for 16 months and ordered him to sit the extended driving test.