Big rise in Dundee uninsured drivers

A driver being talked to by Constables Brian McEwen and Colin Proctor during a speed check in Fairfield Road, Broughty Ferry

The number of people caught driving without insurance in Dundee has almost doubled.

Police have revealed that nearly 1,000 motorists were snared for failing to pay for insurance for their vehicles between April and December.

That’s up from just over 500 in the same period the previous year.

And driving offences are up across the board, including people getting behind the wheel without a licence or an MOT certificate.

A total of 438 people were caught driving without a licence, an increase of 90 on the previous year.

A spokeswoman for Police Scotland told the Tele that the figures were down to ongoing efforts to target offending drivers.

She said: “Reducing road traffic casualties, detecting criminality on the roads, and influencing road user behaviour are all key priorities for Police Scotland.

“Officers in Tayside have been able to focus on activity that we believe works best towards achieving these priorities and addressing community concerns.

“This includes tackling behaviour that leads to serious collisions and makes other road users vulnerable — behaviour such as driving without a licence, without insurance and without a valid test certificate — that is to say, untrained motorists driving vehicles that are not roadworthy.

“Officers will continue to take a robust approach and this, combined with the use of technology and databases available to us, means that offenders are at a high risk of being caught, of having their vehicles seized and being reported to the courts.”

A spokeswoman for road safety charity, Brake, said: “It is a concern that almost 1,000 people have been caught driving without insurance in the past month.

“This appears to be a growing trend with people on UK roads.

“A lack of insurance can be an indicator of other illegal activities, including driving without a licence which is necessary to obtain vehicle insurance.

“The cost of uninsured drivers is high, and can drive up the insurance costs for the majority of law-abiding road users.

“It is vital that the UK Government gets serious in cracking down on uninsured drivers.”