‘Besty Lounge’ at Dundee pub pays tribute to inspirational Tracey

A lounge in a Dundee pub has been named after an “inspirational” woman who lost her battle with cancer last month.

Tracey Burke, from Ardler, died on September 4, having fought the disease for three years.

Tracey, 30, was planning her wedding day with husband Greg, 35, when she was given the devastating news she had cervical cancer.

Greg and friends in The Besty Lounge at the Stobswell Bar.

After a long period of gruelling treatment, she died surrounded by her family in the Roxburghe House hospice, her battle with the illness having touched people across Tayside.

In just six weeks, the public raised a staggering £100,000 to send her to Germany for immunotherapy, a pioneering treatment to try to cure her.

The hashtag #teambesty was used on social media by supporters raising cash to highlight Tracey’s cause.

Now, the Stobswell Bar on Dura Street has opened The Besty Lounge in Tracey’s honour.

Greg said: “The Stobswell is our local – we were always in there. They’ve put the big sign up, but there’s also a collage of photos of Tracey in the corner, which is lovely.

Greg looks at some of the images on The Besty Lounge wall paying tribute to wife Tracey

“It’s not a temporary thing either – it’s going to permanently be the Besty Lounge.

“It’s a great tribute to Tracey and it was quite emotional seeing all the pictures. It was amazing to see just how loved she was and what high regard she was held in.”

Greg is in the process of setting up a charity using the “besty” name to help local people with health problems. He will be a trustee along with Tracey’s mum, Pat, and other family members and friends.

With some funds still in the coffers from the fundraising, Greg and the other trustees are looking to donate money to Perth youngster Lily Douglas.

The 11-year-old was due to start cancer treatment in Spain on Monday. She was diagnosed with an aggressive form of lung cancer last month.

She received the devastating news after being given the all-clear from stage four Ewing’s sarcoma, a rare form of bone cancer, having endured 14 rounds of chemotherapy.

Mum Jane has now taken Lily to Spain where she will receive an alternative treatment to chemotherapy.

Picture shows Tracey’s husband, Greg, in The Besty Lounge which has been decorated with pictures of his wife and many of their friends.

Greg added: “Sending her abroad for pioneering treatment, which is what we did for Tracey, made it feel close to home.

“I know what they are going through.

“To be able to help them would make me feel so much better.”