Beano calls for Ryanair to fork out £1,000 over ‘Bananaman’ stunt

The Beano has called for Ryanair to donate £1,000 to charity over a ‘Bananaman’ stunt.

The airline is this week advertising its sales with appearances by ‘RyanairMan’.

The character is decked in blue and yellow in a nod to Bananaman, a fictional character who has appeared in the Beano comic as well as on children’s television.

A Ryanair tweet on Tuesday used the character to advertise the promotion. It said: “He came, he saw, he… gave away free flights! Keep an eye out on the streets of Dublin all this week as RyanairMan celebrates our daily Cyber Week sales with @spin1038 #RyanairCyberWeek.”

Later that day, the Beano’s twitter account responded with a picture of Bananaman and a tongue-in-cheek demand for a charity payment.

It said: “We’re afraid it seems you haven’t pre-booked to use that Bananaman costume, so it’s an additional charge of £1,000 (donation to our friends @YoungMIndsUk ). Bananaman: Superheroes, made simple.”

An hour later, Ryanair’s tweet response contained a gif of  a man eating bananas and the words: “You’re getting Desperate, Dan.”

Some Twitter users called for Ryanair to pay up.

One wrote: “Eek! 1k to charity is certainly cheaper than lawyers!”

Another tweeted: “I think paying the 1k is a given.”

The Tele has asked Ryanair for comment.