BBC Breakfast ‘sex noises’: Man claims responsibility for sounds that drown out live Brexit broadcast

Folk believe that they heard ‘sex noises’ during a live Brexit item on BBC Breakfast this morning.

Political correspondent Emma Vardy was outside Westminster completing a piece to camera at just after 6am this morning when an unusual sound was heard in the background.

As she spoke about Theresa May, her voice was drowned out by what some believe was an orgasm sound.

Emma Vardy interrupted during live BBC Breakfast broadcast

Emma continued her report and managed to keep a straight face despite the sound going on for almost a minute.

Viewer James Finn tweeted: “Someone kept playing one of those videos that has sex noises on bbc breakfast while a reporter was doing a piece to camera, good job keeping a straight face.”

Abbey Folland tweeted: “What’s with the porn sound effects during that report?”

A Twitter poster called DiscoBoy claimed responsibility for the mysterious sound.

He wrote: “Just blazed the sex sound out the Discoboy speaker in London turns out it was bbc breakfast my footage up soon was a proper spur of the moment thing #Discoboy strikes.”

He followed this up by uploading a behind-the-scenes video on YouTube.

After the report, BBC Breakfast presenters Naga Munchetty and Charlie Stayt didn’t address the noise.