Barber’s expansion plan is big boost for Dundee shopping street

Michaela and Georgia Gaffney in their Carnoustie barber shop
Michaela and Georgia Gaffney in their Carnoustie barber shop

Lochee High Street is about to welcome a new business as a barber shop prepares to open.

House of Handsome, run by Georgia Gaffney, will open beside the Granada Cafe on Monday.

Until it is fully up and running, it will initially open only from Monday-Wednesday.

Georgia, 26, was born and bred in Lochee and said she wants to expand her business in the area to give something back to her local community.

With her shop on Dundee Street in Carnoustie doing well after opening five months ago, Georgia felt the time was right to expand as she hopes to provide something different to customers in Lochee.

She said: “I did my apprenticeship in St Andrews and then taught myself how to become a barber.

“I don’t want people to feel like they just have to come in and get a haircut. I would prefer if they were able to come in and chill out.

“I hope folk can be comfy in the shop and make it feel a bit like home.

“I have always been passionate about being a barber – I got so bored just being a hairdresser.

“I feel like Lochee has lost that wee bit of heart it always had. It has been really good to my family who are all from there.

“I remember when I was wee I used to be in Lochee every Saturday when the Highgate was there.

“I think it needs something to pick it back up and I feel we can do that.”

Georgia will run the two chairs in the shop with the help of her wife Michaela, 28, and family friend Marcella Cochrane.

As well as providing a new place to have a haircut, the three women behind the shop are hoping to add a charity element.

Georgia plans to involve the Lochee Community Hub with the business in a bid to offer a place for men to come for a haircut as well as a chat.

She said: “I think we are going to try to concentrate on men’s health.

“We hope to have leaflets there that can help with mental health.”