Assurances given over derelict Dundee office block

Progress to bring a derelict office block back into use has been welcomed.

Concerns had been expressed over the state of the empty building in the Technology Park, which sits beside the Riverside Avenue ambassador route — a key entry road into Dundee.

The Luna Place office block, the owner of which is understood to be living in Ireland, has been targeted by vandals.

Dundee City Council’s planning enforcement officer has confirmed electricity works will be carried out, with further repairs afterwards and completed by the end of January.

Fraser Macpherson

West End city councillor Fraser Macpherson said: “I am really concerned about the total mess of this building and the deterioration of it.

“I took this up with planning officers at the council and the selling agents who are local and I asked them to advise the owner to take steps to rectify the situation and properly restore the building.

“The building is on an ambassador route and the deterioration is very prominent and a terrible advertisement when visitors enter the city.

“I am pleased to say the owner has now given assurances that the issues will hopefully be resolved in the coming weeks and the building upgraded.”

Fencing was recently erected around the site, which Mr Macpherson said was a “positive sign”. However, he added that afterwards there had been “poor workmanship” including trenches around the site and significant vandalism.

The council’s planning enforcement officer said: “The owner has confirmed the trenches outside were dug to allow electricity providers to put in cables.

“However, they were unable to supply the required amount of power needed for the building. Work then came to a standstill. The transformers have been paid for but it takes six to eight weeks to get on site.”

Dundee Technology Park in a ‘sorry state’ after being hit by vandals