Armed police arrive after man shows bouncer fake gun after being refused entry to Dundee nightclub

Club Tropicana on South Ward Road

A man who showed nightclub bouncers an imitation handgun he had tucked in his waistband after he was refused entry has been remanded in custody.

Dawid Stec sparked a major incident outside Dundee’s Club Tropicana nightspot — with armed officers rushing to the scene.

Despite the seriousness of the situation, Stec — who faces deportation to his native Poland after being convicted there of a serious assault in his absence — stood laughing throughout his arrest.

Now he’s been warned he faces a lengthy jail sentence when he returns to court next month.

Fiscal depute Charmaine Gilmartin told Dundee Sheriff Court: “The accused and friends were seen acting strangely outside the club, exaggerating their movements and bumping into people.

“They left to join the queue at Liquid nightclub nearby but were refused entry.

“They walked the short distance back and started acting oddly again.

“The accused walked towards the Hilton hotel across the street and lifted his top, showing what appeared to be a gold coloured handgun, which fell to the ground. It made a metallic sound when it hit the ground.

“He started to walk away but door staff ran over and grabbed him while others contacted police.

“Officers arrived and saw the handgun on the ground. The accused found it funny and laughed throughout his arrest. Firearms officers then attended and declared the item safe.

“It was later examined and found to be an airsoft pistol designed to shoot 6mm ball bearings and with the appearance of an American-made Colt pistol.”

Stec, 24, of Main Street, pleaded guilty on indictment to having possession of an imitation firearm without lawful authority on March 4, in South Ward Road.

Defence solicitor Scott Norrie said: “He was out with friends drinking and this item was found by one of his friends.

“He didn’t appreciate his actions were clearly going to cause alarm.”

Sheriff Alastair Brown deferred sentence until February 6 for social work background reports and remanded Stec in custody meantime.