APPEAL: Mum of Dundee boy Garvie, 7, calls for bone marrow donors after cancer setback

Haley with Garvie Winter

The mum of a seven-year-old Dundee boy who is battling cancer has issued an appeal for bone marrow donors after revealing her son has suffered a “major setback”.

Haley Winter, from Downfield, said that chemotherapy to treat Garvie’s leukaemia has not been successful.

Haley, 32, said: “Unfortunately, his condition has not improved.

“We got the devastating news on Friday that the chemotherapy Garvie has had so far hasn’t been successful.

“We are now looking for a bone marrow match for him.

“He is back in hospital in Edinburgh where he will have to have a bone marrow transplant.

“On that basis, I am now appealing for people to come forward who could be a potential match as a bone marrow donor.

“Tests have shown that the 10 sessions of chemo haven’t reduced the level of cancer in his body.

“We are back in Edinburgh waiting for a further bone marrow test to decide how to proceed.

“This is obviously a major setback for Garvie — I am so upset that this has happened and that the chemo has been unsuccessful so far.”

Garvie Winter

Haley said that Garvie, who attends Fintry Primary School, is taking his illness in his stride.

She said: “He is being so brave and he is actually the one who is keeping the rest of us going.

“I’m trying to stay as positive as possible but it’s really hard.

“However, Garvie is staying strong, so I feel I have to stay strong for him as well.”

Garvie first started to feel unwell in October and seemed to be sleeping a lot.

He was forced to take a day off school because he felt “a bit off colour”.

To register with the British Bone Marrow Registry or the Anthony Nolan Register, potential donors give a blood sample.

It is sometimes possible to get a match from someone outside the family but it’s usually necessary to search large numbers of people whose tissue type has been tested.

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