Ann, 45, disturbs intruder raiding Dundee home

Barrie Butler, husband of Ann.

A Dundee mum-of-three has spoken of the moment she found an intruder in her neighbour’s home.

Ann Butler, 45, of Speckled Wood Court in Whitfield, had gone into the property with her daughter Dale, 11, to feed their neighbour’s dog when they heard someone moving around the house.

The intruder ran off when Ann called out, taking with them a games console and two mobile phones.

Ann said: “It was scary — but I was angry someone had broken in and that Dale was there and upset by it. It was strange to know someone was in there. It was the second time I had been in to feed the dog. After that, the dog came to stay with us until the owner was back.”

Husband Barrie, 47, an electrician, who has lived in the street for 28 years, said that despite the break-in, the area tended to be quiet. He said: “Ann went in and heard a noise and said, ‘Hello, is there someone in here?’.

“The person had kicked the back door of the flat open and when they heard her they took off, but closed the gate as they were leaving.

“Ann shouted on me so I phoned the police then went in to investigate.

“The person had taken the TV — which must be about 40 inches — off the wall and placed it downstairs, obviously preparing to take off with it.

“Ann got a bit of a shock, as she obviously wasn’t expecting anyone to be there.”

Barrie said Dale and her sisters Vivienne, 16, and Sandie, six, were shaken up by the incident.

He said: “Dale got a proper fright — she’s just a young lassie at the end of the day.

“My wife’s brother actually stays next door to the house that was broken into, so Ann rattled his door too when she realised someone was there.

“It could have been anyone in there and she didn’t know what she was going to be confronted with.”

A police spokeswoman said: “Police Scotland is appealing for information after a break-in to a house in Speckled Wood Court, Dundee, at around 6.45pm on Saturday February 11.

“An Xbox games console and games were stolen, along with a Nokia Lumia mobile phone and a Samsung Galaxy S6 mobile phone.

“Anyone with information that might be useful should contact us on 101.”