Angry brides receive apology after local wedding dress shop closes

The director of an ill-fated Kirkcaldy wedding dress shop has offered an apology to angry brides.

High Street bridal boutique It’s Amore closed its doors leaving furious customers who had already made payments for gowns.

One bride-to-be, who had given a £400 payment, claimed she first heard about the shop closing through social media.

Director Kelly Eadie gave an unreserved apology to all those affected by the business folding, blaming it on competition from online vendors and major retailers.

She said efforts were being made to ensure dresses were delivered.

“I have contacted the brides who are due dresses and said they have been paid.

“They are getting sent direct to their houses with confirmation from the designer once it was paid,” said Ms Eadie.

“The brides that have gone direct to the designer and paid were also told that a refund would be given for what they paid extra to the designer for the gown.

“I can only apologise again to everyone that has been affected and understand a wedding is stressful enough without this happening.”

Heather Blackwood and receipts for the £400 she paid for her dress

Heather Blackwood, 41, who is marrying partner Alan McNiece, 46, in May next year was alerted to the shop closing on social media.

Having already paid a £400 deposit, she managed to get a product code and details of the supplier from It’s Amore and her dress is being delivered.

She said the dress, which had a price tag of £800 in the shop, cost just under £400 direct from the supplier.