Anger after yobs smash up Dundee bus stop and car just yards apart

Community leaders have hit out after a car and a bus stop were vandalised.

Glass was smashed at a bus stop on Coupar Angus Road, at the Lochee Bypass, while a red Vauxhall Corsa also had its windows smashed in.

The car was parked just off Peel Street, behind Ancrum Road Primary School, and less than 100m away from the bus stop.

Community leader Myles McCallum, of the Village of Lochee Partnership, reported both instances of vandalism to the police, having discovered them in the early hours of Tuesday.

He said: “It’s not good news — especially in Lochee.

A red Vauxhall Corsa was vandalised on Peel Street in Lochee.

“There always seems to be something happening here lately.”

Myles came across the smashed glass at around 1am while taking his dog for a walk, adding that the damage hadn’t been there earlier in the day.

He continued: “I was just walking by the bus stop when I noticed the glass was all smashed in and the car that had its windows smashed in wasn’t far away.

“I don’t know what’s happened and I couldn’t say whether they’re related. I had walked by there about an hour before and it wasn’t damaged. I reported it to the police, especially because I was concerned about the smashed glass. I haven’t been by to check whether it’s been cleaned up yet, but hopefully it has.”

Jeannette Kerr, who lives nearby, said she was in her bed when she heard glass smash. She added: “I think it was about 12.15am I heard two noises. It sounded like somebody was smashing glass.”

Damage to the bus stop on Coupar Angus Road.

Lochee councillor Michael Marra said it was disappointing to learn the bus stop may have been vandalised — and vowed to have it fixed.

He added: “If someone has deliberately vandalised the bus stop I assume that police will be investigating.

“We would want to find out exactly how this has happened.

“I would also hope that no one has been injured as a result of this.

“Vandalism of this type is never acceptable.

“I will ensure that repairs to the bus stop are carried out as quickly as possible to prevent anyone being hurt and also so it is fit for use by people waiting for buses once more.”

Martin Anderson, chairman of Lochee Regeneration Forum, said the vandalism was “unfortunate”.