Andrew, 22, to post new picture every day in 2018 to mark ‘the year everything changes for Dundee’

“There are times at night when you watch the sun go down over the river and you wonder — why is Dundee such a beautiful place?”

Andrew McGill isn’t shy when you ask him about his love for the City of Discovery.

Andrew McGill

The 22-year-old creative director at local accountancy firm Ashton McGill sees 2018 as the year Dundee will truly start to shine — and he is celebrating it in spectacular fashion.

A self-trained photographer, he has embarked on a quest to post a new picture celebrating something unique about Dundee every day for the whole year on social media.

The project is called Dundee in 2018, although Andrew said the inspiration behind the project goes much further than just sharing pictures.

“Everyone says 2018 is the year everything changes for Dundee. That’s what I’m trying to capture,” he added.

“The people I’ve met since moving here have spoken about things such as the V&A but there’s a lot more happening behind the scenes.

“The city is not the punchline that it used to be and I think the V&A is inspiring so many people. It seems to be the catalyst for change and the city has needed something like it.

“There is a real momentum now.”

Andrew is posting a photo each day to the @DundeeIn2018 handle on both Twitter and Instagram.

Among the pictures shared so far are images of the artwork that adorns the pillars of the Tay Road Bridge, the view down Union Street towards the V&A and a breathtaking shot of a hawk in flight, taken from atop the Law.

Andrew: “A large scale immersive mural underneath the Tay Road Bridge appears differently from every angle!”
Andrew: “On Marine Parade at City Quay is an observation platform looking across the Tay with love padlocks attached to it.”

However, he has also profiled less obvious sights such as the plaque that commemorates the site of The Lion Tavern at The Pend.

And, just two weeks into the project, he has already captured portraits of key city figures such as council leader John Alexander.

“It would be easy to go out and photograph the things everyone associates with Dundee but I want to get to the untold stories,” he said.

“Since I moved here I’ve spent about six months just sitting in the office, so this has really got me out and about exploring the city.

“It was great to take a photo of John — he’s someone who really wants Dundee to succeed and that ambition says a lot about the city.”

Andrew is originally from Perth but has previously lived in Inverurie and latterly in Glasgow. He only moved to City Quay in March last year but has found the city to be a “huge” inspiration in that time.

And with a focus on getting out and about and taking a fresh picture each day, he hopes his brainchild will leave something of a legacy, celebrating a city he openly says he has fallen in love with.

“I would love it if people who were coming to Dundee used the project as a guide,” he said.

“I was inspired to start this project because I love old photographs of how things were 100 years ago — and it would be incredible if someone was to look back at my photos in the same way 100 years from now.”