‘Amazing’ Asda Santa makes Christmas special for local girl and wins hundreds of fans

© Claire McDonald
Santa with Aleisha Cook, aged three

An Asda delivery man dressed as Santa has become an online star after taking time out to talk to a local girl for five minutes.

The man, thought to be called Andy, was dressed as Santa as he delivered to East Abbey Street in Arbroath on Saturday when he caught the eye of neighbour Aleisha Cook, aged three.

Aleisha’s mum, Claire McDonald, said: “My daughter peeked through the gate and shouted: ‘Mummy, it’s Santa, look’.

“The man turned and said ‘oh, oh you’ve caught me’. She asked if she could share her sweets with him and took herself into the garden.

“I asked the man if it was okay to take his picture so he sat on the garden step and blethered to her and received a sweet before leaving for his deliveries.

“He took five minutes out of his time and I’d say when you’re working that’s a decent thing to do. He made her day and he made her feel special and gave us both something to smile about. I just hope he continues to brighten people’s day with a smile.”

Claire posted her picture of Santa with Aleisha on Facebook page Arbroath Online. The post has more than 1,200 likes and 452 shares.

Other folk also paid tribute. Leanne Simpson wrote: “This man delivered my shopping with his elf last night. Omg I was in historic laughing I couldn’t believe Santa and his elf was delivering shopping.

“I sat and had a chat with him. What an amazing man he is. Needs a lot of recognition – and his wee elf.”

Jill Giacomini posted: “This is what makes Christmas so special. What a lovely man.”

Lyndsey Bruce added: “What a lovely story. It’s so nice that he took time out from his deliveries to make your little girl’s day. The true spirit of Christmas!”

Last night, Claire posted correspondence thought to be from Asda, responding to her message thanking their Santa.

It said: “We’ll be sure to pass on our thanks to Andy.

“Appreciate you getting in touch again and I’m so pleased he brought some festive cheer to you and your daughter.”

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