Alex Salmond takes credit for V&A coming to Dundee

Alex Salmond on a previous visit to Dundee

Alex Salmond has revealed supporting the construction of V&A Dundee ranks in his top “hat-trick” of achievements as first minister.

Speaking before a visit to the city next week, he shared his pride at having helped make the project for Scotland’s first design museum become a reality.

“Abolishing tuition fees, taking the tolls off the bridges and helping with the finance for the V&A in Dundee — that’s not a bad hat-trick,” he said.

Mr Salmond has already paid an informal visit to the iconic building.

He said the structure designed by Japanese architect Kengo Kuma “looks fabulous”, adding: “I think it is going to do great things for the city.”

Alex Salmond Unleashed… The Tour is at the Caird Hall on March 2 at 7.30pm.