Aldi’s plans to invest £12 million in Dundee

An artist’s impression of how the store will look when built. Bosses at the store say construction will start as “quickly as possible.”

Aldi has revealed its £12 million vision for Dundee.

That was the promise from the discount superstore as city councillors voted for a second time to allow the company to build a new Myrekirk store.

Representatives of the firm also pledged to employ up to 35 people from the local area to work in the new store.

The company revealed at Monday’s meeting that they had plans for a further three stores in Dundee.

A spokesman for Aldi said: “We are delighted with this decision. We will now look to get the new supermarket up and running as quickly as we can.

“This new store will mean we will have a capital investment in Dundee of £12 million and will bring a total of 180 jobs to the city.

“We will recruit up to 35 people for the new store from the local area who will all be paid the living of wage of £8.40 an hour, possibly rising to £9 an hour even before the store opens.”

The firm said the proposals for the three new stores were at an early stage with the spokesman saying the company wanted Dundee to be at the “epicentre” of major investment in the north of Scotland.

Community leaders in Charleston welcomed the news and said it would bring much-needed jobs and investment to the area.

Members of the council’s development management committee voted against the wishes of council officers.

Former citizen of the year and local activist Stella Carrington said the decision was the right one for Charleston.

She said: “These jobs will be very important for Charleston.

“This store will bring much-needed investment as well as choice and discount shopping to one of the highest areas of deprivation in Dundee.

“The people of my area are on their knees and an Aldi here will make a difference.”

Local councillor Alan Ross, who fought for the store, said the decision was an important one.