£750,000 funding for Dundee heritage projects

Dundee is set to benefit from £750,000 of investment for heritage-led regeneration projects.

The funding is being released through the City Heritage Trust (CHT) programme, and administered by Historic Environment Scotland (HES), which will see an overall total of £8.6 million invested throughout Scotland’s seven cities.

Delivered from 2018-2021, the HES funding will allow Dundee Historic Environment Trust (DHET) to direct resources to local heritage-led projects that will create jobs, regenerate buildings and city precincts, provide training opportunities in the sector and lever additional funding from other sources.

The Magdalen Green bandstand.​

In partnership with HES, and working collaboratively with local authorities and other groups, DHET will deliver this funding through their own programme to eligible local projects.

Past funding has enabled DHET to support significant transformative projects, including the restoration of the A-listed Magdalen Green bandstand – allowing the continuation of concerts in the popular local park – and significant external repairs to the B-listed Royal Apartments on Union Street.

The trust had also offered grants to allow repairs to historic buildings and gave the community an insight into the city’s built heritage through their support of the Dundee Heritage Walks.

Ian Mudie, DHET chairman, said: “Dundee Historic Environment Trust welcomes the HES award of new funding.’’