20mph zone could be set near Dundee school after near misses

A crossing outside the school

An extended 20mph zone outside a Dundee primary school where children were said to be “dicing with death” is set to be given the go-ahead by the local authority.

Tayview Primary, which opened in August after Hillside and Gowriehill primaries closed their doors, has been plagued with problems, including its pedestrian crossings not working.

Now, following concerns raised by community leaders, members of the council’s city development committee are to be asked on Monday to approve extending the 20mph zone outside the school in Menzieshill.

If given the go-ahead, the current zone — which includes Dochart Terrace and Dickson Avenue — would extend up Dickson Avenue and also include parts of Earn Crescent.

The 20mph proposal has been welcomed by Ian Morrison, the chairman of Tayview Primary’s parent council.

Mr Morrison said: “If this goes ahead, it would be very welcome news for everyone at the school and will go a long way to keeping our pupils safe.

“We have been asking the council since we opened to provide a full 20mph zone outside the school.

”I would be delighted if this is given approval.

“However, it’s crucial that once it is fully in place it is regularly monitored by the council to make sure that drivers comply with the 20mph signs.

“Traffic regularly goes pretty quickly on these roads so we need to make sure the signs are obeyed.”

In a joint report to go before councillors, the executive director of city development Mike Galloway and the council’s head of roads and transportation Neil Gellatly are asking for approval for the extended zone.

The report states: “As part of the development of Tayview Primary School, it is seen as necessary that vehicle speeds are kept to a minimum to increase and promote road safety within the area.”

It adds that all members of the council management team had been consulted and were in agreement with the contents of the report. Mr Morrison previously said that it was “imperative” that the situation outside the school was fixed.

He said: “On a daily basis, children are having close escapes with traffic and are literally dicing with death.”

He said that over a period of a few weeks after the school had opened there had been several instances of close shaves outside the school and children were “dicing with death” on a daily basis.