£1m lottery winner in Dundee

The Newsagents on Albert Street

A Dundee shop owner who sold a £1 million lottery ticket feared he was actually being investigated over a disputed £2 scratchcard.

Anil Tewari, 45, who runs The Newsagents on Albert Street in Stobswell, was visited by officials from National Lottery operators Camelot.

Initially, Anil was worried the officials were visiting to investigate a complaint made by a customer just a few days before.

A woman customer had claimed what she believed was a £4 winning scratchcard but on checking it, Anil had informed her it was just £2. He had argued with her and when Camelot officials arrived Anil feared the worst.

However, they informed him they needed to check CCTV as there had been a seven-figure win. Anil said: “The chap said to me ‘don’t look so worried, a customer of this shop has just won a million pounds’. They wanted to look at the CCTV to confirm it was the correct woman claiming it.

“They must have confirmed it as on Tuesday, just before I closed, a woman came in and said ‘I’ve won a million pounds’. She was shaking — but no wonder.

“She comes in a couple of times a week and usually just buys her lottery tickets. I’m really pleased for her. She just seems like a normal woman.”

A spokesperson for Camelot would not confirm or deny whether someone from Dundee had won. The winner has not gone public but is believed to be local to the Stobswell area and in her forties.

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