120 Dundee homes set for insulation upgrade

Homes on Barnes Avenue are set for improvements

The latest stage of a £40 million housing project in Dundee is about to go ahead.

A further £1 million is set to be spent on an external wall insulation programme.

Members of the city council’s neighbourhood services committee will hear on Monday that the work will go ahead on 120 homes in Barnes Avenue.

Director of neighbourhood services Elaine Zwirlein will tell the committee that the work will cover the homes of 33 council tenants and 87 owner occupiers.

She said: “There will be 14 blocks where we will carry out a simultaneous replacement roofing project at a capital cost of £244,000 to benefit from economies of scale.

“With regards scaffolding, labour and, materials, the total council contribution above will be met from allowances for energy efficiency.”

In her report Ms Zwirlein said that the council has been successful in being awarded £1,422,571 funding from Scottish Government for 2017/18 so far for heating programmes.

She added: “Resources are available to fund external insulation for council-owned properties within the current five year housing revenue account capital budget.”

Neighbourhood services convener Councillor Kevin Cordell said the external wall insulation programme has had a major impact across the city in the last few years.

He said: “More than 4,000 properties have benefited from this scheme and total investment so far amounts to nearly £40 million.

“That is a tremendous record and we have seen homes across the city being improved so that people can enjoy the advantages of energy efficiency.

“The insulation scheme is made possible through the home energy efficiency programme for Scotland from the Scottish Government, with contributions from the energy company obligation.

“This means that owner occupiers can also benefit from the works at no cost.”

He added: “This programme in Dundee shows how serious we are about tackling fuel poverty and helping make the city a better place for everyone.”

Last June the committee heard that a total of 422 council properties would be fitted with external wall insulation during the programme.​