Sheriff jails serial Dundee driving offender for throwing community order ‘back in my face’

Sheriff George Way

A serial road traffic offender was jailed for 15 months by Sheriff George Way after the sheriff told him he had thrown a previous community-based disposal “back in my face”.

Alyn Bradford, 37, of Craigmore Street, appeared in court having breached a community payback order previously imposed for road traffic offences dating back to 2014.

Sheriff Way told Bradford he had given him the chance of a non-custodial sentence previously but said he had gone straight out and driven while disqualified again.

The sheriff added: “There is a point at which the criminal justice system has to be seen to protect the public and the system itself. I always place community-based disposals at the top of the list but I gave you, in the face of your quite formidable record of driving while disqualified, the chance to be dealt with in the community and — to put it bluntly — you threw it back in my face.

“Therefore rehabilitation is not at the top of my list for you.

“You are a danger to the public when you are anywhere near the road and I can’t trust you not to get behind the wheel of a car and put everyone, including yourself, in danger.”

Bradford had previously admitted that on November 11 2014, at Craigmore Street, he behaved in a threatening or abusive manner likely to cause fear or alarm, and shouted and swore at Leane McLaren.

He further admitted that on March 24 2015, at Gillburn Road, Ambleside Avenue, Keswick Terrace and Ashmore Street, he drove while disqualified, while on bail.

He also admitted that on May 1 2015, at Kingsway West Retail Park, he drove with 57 mics of alcohol in 100ml of breath, while disqualified and without insurance, all while on bail.